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behaviour and influence on the environment and society

In 2015, the United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the intention of helping consumers, businesses and governments to make the world a better and more sustainable place. 

In higher education, it is often an objective at an institutional level that every lecturer and student must take note of the SDGs. We have noticed that many departments and schools are still looking for the best way to achieve this. The SDG-Challenge uses gamification to call students to action and help raise awareness of the SDGs. By doing so, students can apply the theory they've been taught to real life 'challenges' becoming more aware of their behaviour and the influence they have on their immediate and the wider environment.

The SDG-Challenge is flexible and can be incorporated into the curriculum in several ways.

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Edumundo is currently developing theoretical backgrounds on sustainability in three Edubook titles. These titles combine and supplement well with the SDG-Challenge. This makes it possible to put together a teaching package that stands alone or is linked to existing courses, modules and projects. Please contact us if you would like to review the progress or participate in any way. 


How It Works 

Initially, the timeframe which the SDG Challenge will run must be agreed. This is usually at least one day, and more commonly over the course of between one to ten weeks. Once the university purchases the license, students are then able to download the College Coins app for free. Instead of mobile phones hindering the teaching and learning by being a distraction they are now used as a distribution channel for challenges and so become an active part of the students' education.


Challenges are a form of active assignments. They can be mandatory or optional. The assignments are received via a push message on the student's phone. The student then accepts the assignment and completes it individually, in a team or in class. 


Students can earn 'coins' with every SDG assignment. Using the in-app ranking system, students compare their performance against their team and class. The ranking is displayed at individual, group and class level! In the SDG-challenge, the competition really is 'on'!


The 'coins' can be linked to credits or sustainability awards - set up within the particular module, programme or extra curricular activity. They can also be exchanged for certificates in the college coins store. This adds an extra layer of motivation to the pedagogical approach.  

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Edumundo offers numerous off-the-shelf challenges that can be implemented within a unit of study, programme or as extra curricular activities. New assignments can also be developed that tie in with current projects or taught subjects. The number of challenges can vary and be easily customised.

Edumundo offers a number of support services, advice on implementation, lecturer training, helpdesk and evaluations. To this end, we work together with experienced consultant-lecturers trained by Edumundo from well-renowned universities.


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