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  • Module: Strategic Management
  • Level: Undergraduate (third year)
  • Management Simulation: Trainers Start-up
  • Number of Students: 180
  • Lecturer: Dr. Konstantina Skritsovali

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"Edumundo’s excellent support throughout our collaboration made the application of the simulation in the module easy and stress-free.”

Dr. Konstantina Skritsovali
Konstantina Skritsovali (resized)

As part of her Strategic Management module, Dr. Konstantina Skritsovali was looking for a practical tool for students to learn and utilise strategic management theories and apply them to a realistic business context. She decided to use the Trainers Start-up Simulation where teams of students manage their own retail trainers company, competing to gain market share by making informed decisions and wise investments.


"Strategic management can be quite theoretical. However, the business simulation allowed students to apply theory in practice while working in groups, learn from each other while they had fun. The business simulation created an environment that encouraged group work and interactions between students on a weekly basis. At the same time, it fostered levels of competition between groups.”


What Was the Outcome?

“The simulation helped students gain experience in operating their business online, apply theory while making strategic decisions collectively, and see their impact on their company’s competitive position. Whilst working on the simulation students had the opportunity to understand the impact of the micro and macro environment on the company’s performance. Hence, the simulation supported the student learning experience." 


What Feedback Have You Received From Your Students?

“Student feedback has been exceptional. All of them praised their experience on the simulation." 

  • “Having the opportunity to apply the theory in a real-world setting has improved my understanding of key topics.” Undergraduate Student, Liver John Moores University

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