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What is the HE College Coins App?

The HE College Coins app is a mobile application designed to improve student engagement and retention.
It does so by incentivising students to earn 'coins' by taking part in course tasks, games and challenges, and social activities to help students get to know another and work together to earn coins during induction/onboarding and term-time periods.

How Does it Work? 

  1. Students download the HE College Coins App.

  2. From the Tutor Dashboard, the Lecturer/support staff member sends tasks/assignments to the students.

  3. Students receive push notifications on their phone about the task/assignment. They can choose to accept the task/assignment and complete it either individually or within teams.

  4. Students undertake the task/assignment where they're able earn "coins". Using this micro credential, students are rewarded for their achievement.

  5. The coins are added to the students app, and can be linked to credits or prizes such as vouchers, discounts, even course credits.
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Why HE College Coins?

As the UK Higher Education sector adapts to more online, distance and blended learning, the HE College Coins app couldn't be a more pertinent tool to engage your students in their course and wider university community.


In times of limited (face-to-face) contact, it's more important than ever to ensure students are motivated to participate both socially and academically.
The HE College Coins app challenges and encourages students to perform at their best and engage with online learning and socialising. Students access the platform in their own time, wherever they are and using their own devices.
HE College Coins helps students socially participate in a meaningful way, ensuring they are motivated and engaged.


Students download the HE College Coins app and start receiving push messages relating to different assignments or activities created either by the university or Edumundo.
Students are motivated to carry out the activities or assignments by scoring points individually, for their teams or their entire class. 
HE College Coins helps students to progress further in their studies, are less likely to drop out of university. Students are also more likely to achieve better grades.



The app is easy to implement and use.  Content, activities and assignments can be created internally, by Edumundo, or both.
After successfully adopting HE College Coins -and if using as part of a pre-boarding phase - you can be confident that more students offered a place at your university will accept.
In the longer term - the improved engagement and retention achieved by HE College Coins may lead to an increase in satisfaction levels, reputation and ultimately stronger recruitment.


App Features 


The HE College Coins App is compatible on all smart-phone devices. The Tutor Dashboard has no software requirements. 

Tutor Dashboard

All in one place! The Tutor Dashboard is where assignments are scheduled and launched, reports on engagement data can be found, and rewards sent i.e. 'coins' to performing students!

Tech Support

Support from Edumundo throughout, including introduction and Q&A sessions on how the App and Tutor Dashboard works, assignment ideas, and a dedicated Help Desk for tech queries.

How has it been used?

HE College Coins has a huge number of potential applications. Some of the most commonly used applications are:


Examples of Outcomes

  • Student survey responses went from 10% to 92% as the coins were used as an incentive to complete the survey

  • Attendance at student participation events were 8 times higher than previous events

  • 300 students attended a non-mandatory guest lecture to earn coins

  • 45% increase in semester pass-rates


1. Demo - Click the button below to request a free demonstration of how it works. 
2. Pilot - Together we can decide upon a pilot phase. 
3. Assignment/Task Plan - Agree the tasks/assignments to be sent to the students.
4. Training - We provide full training to Lecturers and/or other academic/support staff on the Tutor Dashboard.
5. Launch - Pilot phase is launched with guidance from Edumundo staff.

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