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Why College Coins?


The learning experience can be improved by increasing the intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of the students. The College Coins app challenges students and encourages them to perform as good as they can.

Gamification of the entire programme

Students download their university's College Coin App and start receiving push messages with all kind of assignments. By achieving them they will score points individually, for their teams and for their entire class. 


The app is flexible to implement and easy in use. The app will be tailored to serve the programme with existing and new assignments. It fits perfectly with project driven education.

Contemporary education has to do with turbulent developments. There are ambitious developments in the field of bildung, community formation, digitization and approaching the student as a partner. In addition, study programs face problems such as unmotivated students, high dropout rates and low study success. They also have to deal with rapid changes in the environment of their students and in the field for which they train their students. The new College Coins app and the educational concepts that complement it respond to these developments and may, therefore, be the key to success.


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Student app

The College Coins app brings gamification to education. The app not only makes education a lot more fun and challenging, but also. College Coins offers teachers, clients and the University of Applied Sciences the opportunity to prepare assignments/challenges and send them to students. When a teacher sends an assignment, the student receives a push notification. He or she can choose to accept this assignment and complete it individually, in a team or in class, with which you can then earn "coins". In this way, the student is rewarded for his achievement. The coins can be linked-to credits and thus form an extra motivating layer about education.


The earned coins are kept per student and/or class. Various rankings are visible to teachers with an online dashboard. This gives the opportunity to periodically reward students who perform well. The reward is not the only motivating factor for students. Insight into the performance, naturally with due observance of the privacy rules, ensures acceptance and appreciation from the social environment. This is the most powerful and effective form of reward. The autonomy that the student gets because he can accept assignments himself is also highly motivating.


The rankings entail some degree of competition, which means that education is experienced as more challenging, which may benefit the study result. It gives students an extra incentive to score higher than the required 5.5, which is often necessary for obtaining the credits.


An additional advantage is that the app contains a very interesting management tool for education coordination. Real-time dashboards make it possible (together with the students) to keep a finger on the pulse during the education period, instead of afterwards focusing on returns.


The College Coins app can be used flexibly in a curriculum. The program can be linked to existing or new (project-based) education. This is possible in combination with specific modules and/or study units, but it is also possible to link College Coins to semesters, years or even complete (four-year) programs. The app offers the possibility to respond flexibly to the changing wishes from the professional field. In this way, assignments from companies can also be quickly and easily placed with a larger population of students without a long-term supervision process.

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Step-by-step implementation plan

1.  Introduction through free demo. 
2.  Inventory of the starting period.
3.  Inventory of the assignments to be implemented.
4. Training from the tutors.
5. Implementation (with guidance from Edumundo).

The video on the right shows the use of the College coins app at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen from the Netherlands.


Example: the use of College Coins at the Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen

This year the Institute of Business Administration in the induction year started at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) with the College Coins app. The HAN uses the College Coins app within the U.R. Business concept. Upon arrival, students are immediately put in the role of starting a professional. The starting point is that classes run a business unit themselves during a block, semester or a whole year, falling under a holding (the institute/training/faculty). The students are employees of this business unit. The business units compete with each other through group and individual performance. Within this great concept, the College Coins app makes it possible to send assignments, attribute coins and track results.

At HAN, the assignments that students receive via College Coins are mostly assignments from the business community. In addition, assignments come from HAN's internal functionalities, such as marketing and communication. In most assignments, students play the role of consultant. In this way, a win-win situation arises. The clients receive relevant input from students with a fresh perspective and the students receive current assignments from practice.

"Despite the fact that the entire concept has only been running for a few weeks, we are already seeing a number of improvements. Students are positive and will get to work sooner because of the challenges. In addition, the effects of challenges are much more creative and original. The competition element also ensures a lot of extra solidarity and bonding within the class! The atmosphere in the classes therefore seems better and that, in addition to attention for the student, is a very important factor for study success "- Stephan Plat, coördinator van de HAN




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