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Why HE College Coins?


In times of limited (face-to-face) contact, it's more important than ever to ensure students are motivated to participate both socially and academically.

The HE College Coins app challenges and encourages students to perform at their best. Students access the platform in their own time, wherever they are and using their own devices.

HE College Coins helps students socially participate in a meaningful way, ensuring they are motivated and engaged


Students download their university's HE College Coins app and start receiving push messages relating to different assignments or activities created by the university or Edumundo.

Students are motivated to carry out the activities or assignments by scoring points individually, for their teams or their entire class. 

HE College Coins helps students to progress further in their studies, are less likely to drop out of university. Students are also more likely and to achieve better grades.


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The app is easy to implement and use.  Content, activities and assignments can be created internally, by Edumundo, or both.

After successfully adopting HE College Coins -and if using as part of a pre-boarding phase - you can be confident that more students offered a place at your university will accept.

In the longer term - the improved engagement and retention achieved by HE College Coins may lead to an increase in satisfaction levels, reputation and ultimately stronger recruitment.

The higher education sector is currently facing unprecedented challenges, and whilst the forced acceleration of online delivery has caused untold pressures. The sector now also faces a huge opportunity.

The successful induction of students forms part of an effective transition into university life, which leads to better levels of achievement while improving student progression and retention. Now that so much teaching is happening remotely, ensuring students feel part of the university community is more important than ever - even after COVID-19 this will continue to be an essential, ongoing part of the academic environment.

The HE College Coins app offers the opportunity for universities to leverage existing hardware technologies in order to promote socialisation, involvement and motivation at a distance, leading to improved recruitment, progression and retention.


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HE College Coins has a huge number of potential applications.
Some of the most commonly used applications are:

Student app

The HE College Coins app brings gamification to your university. The app not only makes education a lot more fun, engaging and challenging, but also offers lecturers the opportunity to prepare assignments and challenges themselves and send them to students' smartphones. When a lecturer sends an assignment, students receives push notifications on their phone. He or she can choose to accept this assignment and complete it individually, with a team or with the entire class. On these three levels they're able to earn "coins". Using this micro credential, students are rewarded for their achievement. The coins can be linked to credits or prizes and thus form an extra layer of motivation.


Tutors can see coins earned by individual students, student-teams and/or an entire class. The rankings and other data is visible for lecturers using the online dashboard. This gives the opportunity to periodically reward students who perform well. The reward is not the only motivating factor for students; there is also the element of peer appreciation. This is the most powerful and effective form of reward. The autonomy that the student gets because they can accept assignments themselves is also highly motivating. Challenges/ assignments for the students can be added or adjusted in the dashboard. They can also be exported into excel files if needed. 


The rankings encourage a degree of competition, resulting in a more challenging experience. This may benefit the students' performance leading to improved module results. It gives students an extra incentive to score higher than required.

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Best Practices  


1. Ask Edumundo for a free demonstration
2. Decide what will happen during the initial phase of the
3. Agree the challenges to be implemented.
4. Lecturer training.
5. Implementation (with guidance from Edumundo).

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