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Webinar: Student onboarding - Transition into UK higher ed.

The successful induction of students forms part of an effective transition into university life, which leads to better levels of achievement while improving student progression and retention. Now that so much teaching is happening remotely, ensuring students feel part of the university community is more important than ever - even after COVID-19 this will continue to be an essential, ongoing part of the academic environment.

But how do you promote socialisation, involvement and motivation at a distance? What can be improved in terms of open days, the post-offer period, induction week and the first teaching blocks? And how can this lead to improved recruitment, progression and retention?

This webinar will address all these issues and will show how students can become more engaged with the programme before and during their studies by applying gamification tools. We’ll be discussing the different phases of induction, the theoretical landscape to successful onboarding, and exploration of a best practice example which involved more than 2,500 university students.


  • Parallels with industry
  • Background, importance and phases of student onboarding
  • Examples of best practice in higher education
  • Edumundo's solutions and how to use gamification tools effectively

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