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Digital learning resources by Edumundo are primarily focused on business programs. Yet some solutions apply to almost any academic program. Why not look at the digital learning resources we offer for each of the specific courses listed below?


Edumundo collaborates with renowned authors to write and update the content of many of our Edubooks. We also often ask our authors to share their current view on the subject through whitepapers. Click on the link below to view and download these.

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We also like to share guides, interviews, and news articles in our dedicated Blog. Here visitors can view relevant features related to the wider Higher Education, Ed-Tech, and education publishing sectors. 

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As an educational publisher, we have extensive experience in creating innovative learning tools with up-to-date content, supported by modern learning design and intuitive user experience.

With our digital learning products, we are active in more than 25 countries worldwide, working with over 300 universities, and having over 41000 students who benefit from our products.

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