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Chocolate firm

Within this management simulation, students must manage their own chocolate factory. It provides a systemic way of looking at an organisation’s processes, being a chocolate production facility, and grasp a better understanding of the principles of operations management.

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ProSim Advanced

In this strategic management simulation, students act as the managers of trading companies. All teams are competitors in the same market. And that is quite a challenge! The game is all about learning how to make strategic decisions and take tactical actions based on the company's (financial) results.

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In this international business and management simulation, students are managing a globally-operated smartphone company. Every round, new international markets open and students need to form their own management team while tackling cultural differences in order to become a global player.

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Digital Learning Resources

Digital learning resources by Edumundo are primarily focused on business programs. Yet some solutions apply to almost any academic program. Why not look at the digital learning resources we offer for each of the specific courses listed below?


Edumundo collaborates with renowned authors. They not only write the basic text of the first Edubook version but also maintain the title for several years and are responsible for adding updated elements, such as content articles. We also often ask our authors to share their current view on the subject through whitepapers.

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