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The Project Management Edubook covers a variety of Project Management  methodologies such as Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum. It also introduces the Agile 5 Approach (A5A), an innovative and new way of combining the best of the classic project management methodologies with modern methods of Agile and Scrum.


The Edubook is suitable for a variety of courses covering Project Management with the content written for Higher Education-level students. 



The content and design of the Project Management Edubook is based on the following three principles: 


The Agile 5 Approach for Project Management (A5A) has been developed specifically for this Edubook. This is a handy step-by-step plan that combines the more traditional Waterfall methodology with seven important principles of Agile and Scrum.

The A5A has the following 5 steps:

  • Scan
  • Define
  • Determine & plan activities
  • Action & change
  • Complete

Seven Agile Principles:

  • Demand-oriented work
  • Working Iteratively
  • Continuous feedback
  • Teams: multidisciplinary
  • Communication: personal and visual
  • Short-cycle planning

This Edubook also features a Scrum Toolkit with short explanations and different formats so that students can also get started with Scrum.


You can't fully learn project management by reading a book. It is an applied subject, which needs to be experienced. This Edubook focuses on the application of theoretical concepts to relevant practical cases. To achieve this, the book is composed of the following parts:

  • Theoretical part
  • Practical part
  • Project planner
  • Scrum Toolkit
  • Exam

The Edubook platform offers every opportunity to be distinctive in terms of shape. The Edubook is:

  • digital and interactive;
  • time and place independent;
  • all in one;
  • a student progress tracker;
  • tailored to the expectations of the current generation of students.
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Developments in the field

Project Management is an indispensable skill that is becoming increasingly important for current and future work. The (technological) changes in the world follow each other at lightning speed and this has had repercussions on organisations. They must be agile and therefore able to move with or even anticipate these changes.

This movement is largely done through work that must be tackled in a project-based manner. We work with varying assignments for different clients and in teams that are composed differently. These teams are also increasingly expected to self-manage. This does not only apply to large companies. There are more and more self-employed people working on various assignments in various capacities.


The above developments also lead to the use of new methods of Project Management. The traditional Waterfall method has more and more limitations in less stable environments. More adaptive methods such as Scrum are on the rise but are not always widely used outside of the IT industry, where it was originally coined.

For students, this means they will soon end up in a rapidly changing labour market in which cross-professional competences such as Project Management are indispensable. This requires them to learn new methods and techniques in education to work on a project basis. They also need to develop the soft skills required for this, such as collaboration, demand-oriented working, and stakeholder engagement and management. Finally, skills such as attention to detail and communication, involving inquisitive approaches, adaptability, and proactive action, all become indispensable.

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