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In 2001 we started to develop management simulations and business games for the higher education market. In 2015 we have transformed our company and added Edubooks and College coins to our portfolio. As a result of that we are currently serving over 45,000 students, at 250+ universities in 25+ different countries.

Edumundo's mission is to provide the newest generation of learning materials to the newest generation of students. As part of our corporate responsibility program we sponsor universities and it’s students in Nepal and Ghana.

Our vision is that we believe that traditional teaching methods are rapidly changing due to technological developments and ever changing student and lecturer demands. Our online products must meet those demands, and we accomplish that by focusing on the following four pillars:

Interactive design
Edumundo focuses on student engagement, game theory and intuitive usability in order to increase student and module satisfaction.
Tailor made

Edumundo creates a unique learning experience by implementing subjects and scenarios based on module outlines, subjects and objectives.

Highest service level

Edumundo delivers personal 24-hour online support to students and lecturers. We offer introduction lectures to students and on-site teach the teacher sessions.

Proven concepts

For more than 19 years, Edumundo analyses data and implements new technical developments based on the newest academic insights.

The team

Our The Hague (The Netherlands) based team consist of highly motivated account managers, game instructors, sales representatives, country agents and frontend / backend developers. Our company culture’s characteristics are: informal, fast, young, sometimes nerdy and all other assumptions fitting a 21st century IT company. Working for Edumundo is challenging and fun. We don’t just want to make a living, we have the mission to change education. We are passionate about education. We want to help young people progress by supplying knowledge and the best skill set. You need to be a strong individual to work with a critical target group that is always looking to improve. 

Inspiring environment
Education is changing rapidly. Frequently the media pays attention to education and how it must or should change: new teaching methods should be introduced and the newest generation of students demand higher quality. Be part of this fast changing environment and work at Edumundo, the educational publisher of the future.

Inspirerende omgeving

Challenging work
Digital and online developments change the academic industry and demands. This effects lectures, seminars and even traditional books. Edumundo's challenge requires technological insight, creativity and empathy to be able to really understand this transition. 

Introduction presentation by Edumundo

Newest developments
Edumundo competes with the innovators in education. This requires a clear knowledge of digital innovations, cultural changes and pedagogical trends. Our business environment changes rapidly. We do not just ask for commitment and input, we also expect our people to develop themselves in their own field of knowledge. This includes visiting conferences, participating in webinars, reading blogs, etc.


Our Headquarters

Our office is our clubhouse where we feel at home. It's located in the The Hague city centre, only 30 minutes away from Amsterdam and Schiphol airport. The Hague is an international minded city known for it's focus on Peace and Justice. Our office is equipped with a lot of conveniences, from a sunny garden to a nursery. We have no dress code, flexible workplaces; for us, it's results that matter.

Den Haag

Advisory board

To be able to bring the latest technology to the classroom, Edumundo must have a strong insight within several subject areas within the academic environment. Our Advisory board consists of leading figures within these areas. They do not only reflect and provide critical feedback on our strategy and operations, they also think and debate with us about the future of education. The Advisory board comes together once every quarter.

Michelle Neil

Michelle Neil

Strategy and planning at AcrobatiqFormer Chief innovation at Pearson
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Cor Sluijter

Cor Sluiter

Director Cito
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Jan Peter van den Toren

Jan Peter van den Toren

Managing partner Birch consultants
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Peter Driessen

Founder Spilgames
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To be able to offer the best digital products, service level and learning outcomes, Edumundo selects the strongest partners to team-up in certain areas. Some partner companies are specialised in assessments, others in safety or hardware delivery. They all add value to Edumundo's proposition. 




Edumundo complies and is connected to Surfconext.
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Together with Switch we deliver the hardware which allows our Edubooks to be available at the university libraries.
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Cito is internationally known, rewarded and acknowledged for it's wide expertise in testing, marking and assessments.
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E-learning and serious games developer.
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