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The Edumundo team consists of a group of energetic and creative people who work hard every day to shape the education of the future. We do not like strict protocols. We look at the possibilities. Every colleague has his own talents and uses them where necessary. We challenge each other to continually optimize our learning products and to develop educational innovations.


Milo Hendriks

CEO and Partner

Menno Thijssen

CEO and Founder

Gijs van Duijn

Operations Manager Business Simulations

Leon Lloyd

Head of Sales 

Jack Monaghan

Account Manager

Jeroen Gayman

Customer Success Manager

George Sakoulas

Marketing Manager

Matej Macuch

Marketing and Operations Manager

Anastasija Podsvirova

Operations & Support Manager

Laura Schans

Customer Success Manager NL

Jordy de Jong

Operational manager NL

Daan van der Kaay

Marketing Manager 

Claudio Lange

All round operations

Jair Berhitoe-Oliver

Digital design manager

Gemma de Waard

Illustrator & animator



Theo Mak


Dipak Changur

Content designer

Patrick Bouwens

CTO and co-founder

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