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Discover our selection of free e-books and whitepapers designed to inform educators about innovative pedagogical approaches, tips on improving student engagement, skills development, and assessment, featuring contributions and forewords by leading academics in their fields of expertise. 

Teaching with Business Simulations

Download our e-book guide on Teaching with Business Simulations. In this e-book we take a look at the academic research around simulation-based learning, provide top tips on how to run a successful business simulation exercise, and feature two case studies where business simulations have been ...

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Experiential Learning Through Gamification

Download our e-book on experiential learning through gamification with foreword by Dr. Keith Halcro from Glasgow Caledonian University. In this e-book we cover insights, top tips, and two case studies where experiential learning has been used through the use of business simulations.

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Student Onboarding in Higher Education

Download our E-book Guide to embed a wider, harmonised student onboarding process from recruitment to induction phases. 
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Personal Development at AMSIB with Edubook

Edumundo recently partnered with the Amsterdam School of International Business (AMSIB) by providing the Study Skills and Employability Skills Edubook as part of their Personal Development courses. Audrey Gran Weinberg details her time with the Edubook.
Within the whitepaper there is a ...

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Game theory into practice

In the 1940s, economists John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern studied human behaviour using game theory, focusing on goal-oriented interactions in which rational thinking was involved. The resulting game theory equips decisionmakers with the necessary skills to analyse situations in ...


9 tips for online teaching

What digital tools are available to turn face-to-face lectures into online lessons? How do you monitor students' learning processes and provide feedback? How do you keep the change manageable while maintaining focus on the subject at hand?

Together with lecturer and education innovator, ...


Learning analytics: What, why and how

Nevertheless, the use of study data to improve programs and provide students with feedback is still unknown territory for many programs. The Dutch version of Wikipedia does not yet have a lemma about learning analytics and that is perhaps illustrative of the fact that the use of study data is ...

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