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At Edumundo we are advocates of experiential, active learning to improve student engagement, subject knowledge retention, and develop key academic and employability skills.
We do this through our portfolio of business simulations (also known as 'management simulations' and 'business simulation games') which are used by over 300 business schools and universities worldwide.
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Embed Experiential Learning Through Business Simulations

At Edumundo we are advocates of experiential learning to improve student engagement, subject knowledge retention, and develop key academic and employability skills and competencies.
We do this through our portfolio of business simulations (also known as 'management simulations' and 'business simulation games') which we provide to Business Schools and Faculties across Higher Education.

Benefits of Our Business Simulations

  • Students put theory into practice within realistic, up-to-date business markets and contexts
  • Simulations cover all business disciplines including Management and Strategy, International Business, Entrepreneurship, Business Ethics and Sustainability, Finance, and Marketing
  • Tech support provided throughout with live tutorials and a dedicated Help Desk
  • Improves student satisfaction and feedback - an average of 92% believe the simulation provides a positive learning experience
  • Used across Business Schools and Faculties in North America and by over 40,000 students worldwide
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“Working with Edumundo staff has been fantastic. After three years I’m extremely happy with the consistency of leadership and the depth of capabilities within the simulations. Each one has different flavours of business management within different industries.”
Frederick Neubert,International Business Instructor, THINC Academy, GA, USA
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Sustainable Business Simulation
ESG-themed Business Simulation | All UG and PG levels
In this sustainable business simulation students manage an MNC tasked with implementing effective growth strategies across the globe whilst implementing sustainability policies and investments.
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Phone Ventures
International business simulation | 2nd year+ UG, PG, MSc, MBA)
In this international business game, student teams manage their own globally-operating smart phone companies. They compete directly against one another aiming to become the global market leader. ...
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Sneakers Start-up
Entrepreneurship simulation | All student levels
Business simulation focusing on entrepreneurship and start-up business management. Students act as the management board of their own sneakers companies, transforming their start-ups into full-scale ...
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Business Consultancy Simulation
Strategic consultancy management | All UG student levels
In the Business Consultancy simulation, students act as consultants to a failing company that is on the brink of collapse, operating in all market segments without having a focus ...
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My Marketing Experience (MMX)
Marketing Management Simulation | All student levels
Specialised marketing simulation based on establishing a jeans brand. Students act as the managers of a marketing department and create their unique marketing plan and implement it, from analysis, to ...
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Online Tour Operator
Tourism and leisure management l All student levels
Tourism management simulation about the leisure industry. Student teams are running (online) tour operators, conducting analysis of different holiday destinations, monitoring service levels and ...
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Emerging Markets
International strategy simulation| All UG students
In this strategic international business simulation, students act as the management of an international bicycle company. Students compete in four of the largest emerging markets, which include ...
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Prosim Classic
Introduction in business l Induction weeks, Foundation year
Within this business game, students act as the management of a production company which produces four types of product. In every round, students will have to manage their company in a highly ...
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Prosim Advanced
Strategic management | All student levels
ProSim Advanced is a flexible, strategic trading simulation. Due to its modular nature, this business game can be customised according to individual module objectives and subjects. Students from the ...
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Operations Management Simulation Game
Operations Management | All UG and PG levels
In this operations management simulation, student teams take strategic decisions through the value chain in order to become efficient, competitive, and offer value to their customers. It provides a ...
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The Chocolate Firm
Strategic management accounting | Final year UG, PG, MSc, MBA
In this strategic management accounting simulation, students ‘experience’ how strategic management accounting connects the strategy with operations and technology of a complex manufacturer. The ...
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CFO Challenge
Financial management | All UG student levels
In this Management Accounting Simulation, students act as the Finance management of a company, where the main trade of the business is in watches. Students start of by completing an internal and ...
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Customised Simulation
Personalised Strategies | All UG and PG levels
If you wish to have a more personalised and customised simulation, Edumundo has the tools to provide you with the simulation that suits you. Whether you want to implement products and theories that ...
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