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Overview of Simulation

My Marketing Experience (MMX) is a marketing simulation where students act as the marketing management function of a jeans brand. They create their own marketing strategies and plans, conducting SWOT analyses, customer segmentation analyses, positioning and branding, setting objectives and KPIs, and implementing marketing tactics using the full marketing mix.

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Students become Marketing ManageRs

Our marketing simulation consists of eight rounds, where each round represents a quarter of a calendar year; each round covers and utilises specific marketing theory for students to grasp and implement. Teams take strategic decisions and tactical actions based on their own metrics and analyses.

The aim of our marketing simulation is for students to work effectively in teams and compete to gain market share during each round. Students learn about key marketing theories and are empowered to make high-level strategic decisions to improve the their jeans brand: one that has a strong focus on brand awareness, brand image, and brand loyalty.

Apply the Marketing Mix

The dashboard of the simulation changes throughout each round and includes marketing theories to understand and apply when it comes to making strategic and tactical decisions for that specific round. In the first round students start by analysing the external market and determine their objectives and metrics. In the second round teams decide on their target group by using a unique list of segmentation criteria. The third round covers branding and positioning where the simulations provides a real-time positioning map on which all participating teams are plotted. In round four to eight the main objective is to implement the complete marketing mix on a strategic and tactical level. 

Marketing Plan (assessment)

Once the marketing simulation has ended, students are able to download their own unique marketing plan which is generated automatically from within the simulation. The marketing plan is based on their own strategic decisions, tactical actions, results and justifications for the decisions taken. My Marketing Experience has been developed in collaboration with Pearson Education and Dr. Mairead Brady (Assistant Professor in Marketing at Trinity College Dublin and co-author of Kotler's renowned marketing management books).


  • Students gain a greater understanding of a marketing management function within a global company.
  • Students develop effective team-working, analytical, strategic, and creative skills. 
  • Students grasp the importance of creating a marketing strategy and setting SMART objectives and KPIs
  • Students utilise the full marketing mix to increase sales within the target audience 


My Marketing Experience is typically assessed in several ways. Below you will find the most popular options:

  • After the simulation students provide a presentation outlining their marketing plan for the next financial year
  • Students submit individual marketing strategies that involve launching several new jeans products 
  • Students launch a digital marketing plan to increase online sales 
  • Students launch a channel marketing plan to increase sales within selected suppliers
  • Students design a marketing plan specifically focused on brand awareness to increase brand saliency within their target markets. 

Case Study - My Marketing Experience at Birkbeck University

Nick P-1

The simulation was a proper marketing simulation. It was adaptable and sizeable for the subject level and we have a good connection with the people at Edumundo. They provide a good support level."

Nick Pronger, Senior Lecturer, Birkbeck University
An experienced Marketing Lecturer and a Tutor for the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Nick Pronger uses the My Marketing Experience management simulation at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. In this case study we take a look at how My Marketing Experience was used by his first-year undergraduate students.
Read case study - Birkbeck University


Student levels: Undergraduate and Postgraduate
Module subjects:

Introduction in marketing, marketing strategy, marketing management

Collaboration: Pearson Education
Languages: gb


In a marketing simulation game theoretical models are put into practice. They provide participants with a unique experience in which team-working, analytical thinking and insight, and decision-making skills are trained and tested throughout each round, enabling student-led and experiential learning.


  • 20 years' experience of delivering business simulations
  • Working with over 300 universities worldwide
  • In-house operations support throughout the simulation, taking the administrative burden away from Lecturers
  • Updated simulations to reflect current affairs and markets

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