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Overview of simulation

ProSim Classic is a business simulation designed to provide students with an introduction to business management. It's specifically developed for induction weeks, open days, outreach events, and foundation year modules. In ProSim Classic, students work in teams and act as the management of small production companies, competing against each other for points for decisions that have the greatest impact in improving company performance.

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Introducing Business Through Gamification 

If you're looking for students to gain a good understanding of business, gamification is a great way to do so. ProSim Classic provides students with a practical exercise to understand the various functions within a business and how they operate. 

ProSim Classic is played in rounds, where one round is equivalent to one year of operations. In each round teams of students need to decide how many products they wish to produce and how to launch these products in their target markets. Students also need to consider marketing tactics, employee motivation, including making decisions on salaries and recruitment, as well as infrastructure in terms of investing in new equipment to produce and distribute more products.

Open days and OutReach Events

The simulation game can be played in two to four hours and has featured within schedules on Open Days and is also suitable for outreach events within schools or on campus. The simulation is a great way to engage students and showcase your university's approach to online learning. 

Inductions and Welcome weeks

This simulation is often used during induction and welcome weeks. It is a great tool to get your students engaged by working in small teams, getting to know fellow students, and become inducted to the programme's subjects in an entertaining and practical way.

Foundation year modules

ProSim Classic is also used in Foundation Year modules as it provides a comprehensive introduction to business management. The simulation also refers to subjects such as finance, HR, marketing, and operations providing students with a holistic understanding of what a company structure looks like, what functions they perform and what accountabilities they hold. 


Introduction to business themes including:

 Student levels: 

Induction Weeks, Open Days, Foundation-level, Outreach Events

 Module subjects:

Introduction to Business, Business Management, Principles of Business Management

 Languages: nl gb 

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In a business simulation theoretical models are put into practice. They provide participants with a unique experience in which team-working, analytical thinking and insight, and decision-making skills are trained and tested throughout each round, enabling student-led and experiential learning.


  • 20 years' experience of delivering business simulations
  • Working with over 300 universities worldwide
  • In-house operations support throughout the simulation, taking the administrative burden away from Lecturers
  • Updated simulations to reflect current affairs and markets

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