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The Study Skills and Employability Skills Edubook is designed to enable students to learn valuable skills throughout their studies, developing their academic competences as well as preparing them for the workplace upon graduation. 
The Edubook is an online, interactive text book, workbook, and portfolio in one. It contains three main themes: study skills, self exploration, personal  and professional development. 
This learning tool is suitable for students from first year undergraduate up to postgraduate level and can be used within any Higher Education degree programme.
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Structure and Career kit

The Employability Skills chapters act as a career kit in which students are offered all kinds of useful tools to find suitable positions, prepare for those positions, as well as be able to articulate their own skills in language which employers value.  The Edubook combines theory with interactive activities such as assignments and self-tests that provide insight into personal learning behaviour and intrinsic motivation.

The Edubook has a modular structure: there is no prescribed sequence of chapters or subjects. As the module leader - you can cherry-pick the subjects taught, it offers maximum flexibility and will align to your module's objectives.

Students build their own portfolio

The most important assignments undertaken by the students are reflected in the personal portfolio, which continues to grow during the use of the Edubook. Students are then able to gain insight into their own development. The portfolio can also be used for personal presentations to fellow students and supervisors and can be used for testing and accreditation purposes. The digital portfolio is integrated within the MyEdumundo dashboard and can be exported, saved or printed at any time.

Edubook supports personal meetings 

This Edubook is not intended to be a substitute for personal conversations or meetings with tutors or fellow students, which will continue to be important. The Edubook ensures students are motivated and supervisors have better visibility of students' progress (through the data collected within the Tutor Dashboard). This helps to deepen conversations and meetings and make them more concrete, efficient, and successful. 


Always up to date

In this rapidly changing world, relevant theories also rapidly change. Reinier Gerritzen (main author) regularly carries out updates making sure students always use the newest, academically credited theories, tools, and learning materials. In addition, the Study Skills & Employability Skills Edubook can be used throughout the entire programme and need to not just be a tool for one singular module.

New developments

Developments in the field

Future-proof teaching is one of the most important challenges of our time. All kinds of (technological) developments are changing the world at lightening speed. Teaching primarily means supporting student development to become the best professionals when they hit the competitive job market. But the guarantee that a particular profession will be the same in five or ten years from now, is highly unlikely. Certain (21st century) skills such as critical thinking, reflection, collaboration, learning to study and communicating are therefore indispensable: these will always be crucial skills regardless of new technologies and new workplace environments.

Because the job market is rapidly changing, tomorrow's professionals will be forced to consider their future profession over and over again. To be able to make the right decisions, students need personal insight. For example, what are their own personal distinctive qualities and interests? Only with this insight will they be able to look for suitable new possibilities. Furthermore, it is essential that their distinctive characteristics can be effectively articulated within their (online) network and during job applications and interviews.

Teaching and learning, therefore, has an important factor in helping students to future-proof themselves. With this in mind, the Study Skills & Employability Skills Edubook is indispensable during any course or module. Initially, the focus is on learning to study, developing study skills, planning and working together. After that, the focus on self-exploration and career development continues. In this way, students are optimally skilled to become future-proof professionals who are prepared for the dynamic job market: they leave as graduates equipped for the world of work. 



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Why Edubooks?

Edubooks combine all learning resources from one subject into one place; they replace the standard text book with a format that encompasses articles, theories, case studies, exercises and assignments, and even exams. In principle, the Edubook is often used as an online app or ebook, providing students with all the functionalities students come to expect from contemporary e-learning. The Edubook also has a printing function for people who prefer to work on content in hard-copy format.

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Why Edumundo?
  • A publisher with over 20 years' experience in delivering e-learning solutions for the Higher Education (HE) sector.
  • Working with over 300 universities worldwide, including 40+ UK universities. 
  • In-house operations support throughout the simulation/Edubook, taking the administrative burden away from academic staff
  • Updated materials reflect current affairs and new, credible academic theories



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