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The Digital Marketing Edubook introduces the basic principles and tactics of digital marketing including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), social media, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, website data analytics and usability, and conversion optimisation. 



The Digital Marketing Edubook begins with introductory chapters on digital marketing strategies  and social media strategies. These initial chapters also cover SEM and email marketing to drive website traffic and generate leads and sales, as well as other desirable actions online. 

In later chapters, the Edubook covers the value of mapping customer journeys through the use of analytical tools. This precedes final chapters covering further digital marketing approaches such as affiliate marketing, website usability and user experience (UX), conversion optimisation, display advertising, and mobile marketing.

Throughout the Edubook explains and presents digital marketing theories and new technologies, through media such as case studies, videos and articles, as well as tasks and assignments for students to complete during each chapter.

The Edubook has been used by academics who want their students to develop their knowledge of digital marketing through self-study. It's been used throughout undergraduate and some postgraduate level courses and can be tailored to the needs and requirements of academic staff.

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Lecturers receive a so-called tutor dashboard at the Edubook, on which they can monitor the progress of their students. In this way, they can see, among other things, whether their students have completed their assignments and how long they have done. Furthermore, the dashboard shows teachers which problems the students have the most difficulty with, so that the teachers can devote some extra attention to this in class. The dashboard offers lecturers the opportunity to follow both the entire class and individual students.


Developments in the field

Digital marketing offers marketers new perspectives for coming into contact with (potential) clients. It gives marketers the opportunity to use a personal approach and to build a relationship. This often results in more relevance for the consumer and more conversion for the company: a win-win situation.


The developments within digital marketing are going fast and are becoming increasingly important within the domain of marketing and sales. The possibilities are greatly expanded. The legislation is changing and the competitor is not standing still. Opportunities and threats, but especially challenges, are the order of the day in this field.


Not only the search behaviour of the consumer is constantly changing, but also the way of searching. Consider other devices and, for example, the rise of voice search. All this affects search engine optimization. In addition, personalization is becoming increasingly important. This creates major challenges for e-commerce, e-mail marketing, search engine advertising and display advertising. A large increase in direct customer contact makes social media marketing very promising. The importance of reports and ROI has increased considerably in recent times. Data use and data analysis are topics that businesses are fully engaged in.

In short, the digital marketing landscape is in a turbulent state and is on the move. In addition to all the basic principles, all these components are also offered in the new version of Edubook Digital marketing.





Why Edubooks?

Edubooks combine all learning resources from one subject into one place; they replace the standard text book with a format that encompasses articles, theories, case studies, exercises and assignments, and even exams. In principle, the Edubook is often used as an online app or ebook, providing students with all the functionalities students come to expect from contemporary e-learning. The Edubook also has a printing function for people who prefer to work on content in hard-copy format.

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