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Client Testimonial - Simon Fraser University
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“Edumundo's simulations have really worked for us in the skills that we wanted students to develop and I'm really excited for the future where we're expanding our use of simulations on our program.”
Shauna Jones, 

Academic Director - Teaching & Learning

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Overview of Sustainable Business Simulation

In the Sustainable Business Simulation students act as the management team of a multi-national smartphone company looking to operate and succeed in a range of overseas markets.

Teams of students are tasked with aligning their company's growth strategy to 3 or 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Student teams then need to align their company's output to these chosen SDGs and how they market their sustainable products and initiatives to customer segments interested in or motivated by environmental, social, and/or governance (ESG) issues.

This business simulation includes the following features:

  • Tailored and scalable for either or both undergraduate and postgraduate level tuition
  • Introduction and training sessions provided to all students prior to operating the simulation
  • Tech-support for students via our Help Desk throughout the simulation rounds
  • Develops students' strategic, team-working, decision-making, leadership, and analytical skills

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