Business Simulation Games For MBA Students

Client Testimonial

“I felt Edumundo was brilliant in getting students involved in the business simulation from the start and student feedback has always been positive.”

Dr Robert Kerr

Senior Lecturer


Our Business Simulations

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Our Business Simulations have been used by over 300 universities worldwide and are used throughout many MBA programmes.


Below is the selection of Business Simulations suitable for MBA level.

  1. Phone Ventures - Students are tasked with managing a smartphone company, competing with established brands such as Apple, Huawei, and Samsung.
  2. Trainers Start-up - Students manage a start-up trainers company and develop market-entry strategies.
  3. My Marketing Experience - Students manage a Jeans Brand and utilise the 7 Ps of the marketing mix to improve brand awareness and sales.
  4. ProSim Advanced - A strategic management simulation where students act as Directors of a company to gain market share and stock-market prestige.
  5. Online Tour Operator - Students manage an online travel company and determine the destinations and packages offered to customers.
  6. The Chocolate Firm - A Management Accounting simulation where students take ownership of the management function of a chocolate company. 
  7. Operations Management - Students take strategic decisions through the value chain in order to become efficient, competitive, and offer value to their customers
  8. Customised Simulation - Much like the format of the simulations above, here we tailor the requirements of the simulation to the needs of your module/event/activity.

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