The Challenges of Emergency Online Teaching: Lessons for Operations Management Educators

The Challenges of Emergency Online Teaching: Lessons for Operations Management Educators
Published on 23 October 2023

Today, we will take a dive into one of the captivating sections explored in the insightful article "Lessons Learned from the Pandemic.". Our main focus will be on the significant implications this holds for educators in the field of operations management.

In the face of unexpected disruptions like the COVID-19 pandemic, operations management educators have had to quickly adapt their teaching methods to an online format. This blog explores the lessons learned from the experience and provides valuable insights for educators in similar situations.

Communication is Key:

In the realm of online module delivery, effective communication becomes even more crucial. Both instructors and students must uphold open lines of communication to guarantee the success of the module. Regular meetings among instructors foster coordination and alignment, while frequent communication between students and the teaching team elevates the overall learning experience. By harnessing the advancements in technology, instructors and students can utilize various platforms to communicate as often as necessary.

Pedagogical Approaches:

To create engaging online modules, it is essential to carefully select the most suitable pedagogical approaches. While it might be tempting to embrace cutting-edge and innovative teaching methods, it is crucial to consider their appropriateness. By integrating unconventional techniques like flipped learning, educators can empower their online teaching, especially during disruptive situations. Drawing from the valuable insights shared by Tang et al. (2023), educators can ensure that their teaching approaches perfectly align with the specific needs of their students.

Utilizing Web-based Simulation Games:

By incorporating web-based simulation games into the curriculum, educators can significantly enhance the learning experience for first-year students. These interactive tools offer a hands-on approach to comprehending and applying operations management concepts in a practical setting. With the help of technology, educators can create an immersive and captivating learning environment, even in the midst of emergency online teaching situations.


Navigating the world of emergency online teaching brings forth a myriad of challenges for operations management educators. However, by prioritizing effective communication, carefully selecting pedagogical approaches, and integrating interactive tools like web-based simulation games, educators can unlock the potential for success in their online modules. The valuable lessons learned from this experience offer invaluable insights for operations management educators confronted with similar circumstances.


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