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If you wish to have a more personalised and customised simulation, Edumundo has the tools to provide you with the simulation that suits you. Whether you want to implement products and theories that are relevant to your module, the flexible nature of this simulation allows for the removal, rearrangement or addition of various strategic elements. 

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The customised simulation has the foundation of one of our other simulations. This allows us to customise various aspects ranging from the type of products sold to the strategic modules in place. Whether you are in BioTech, where we are able to adjust the products to be various COVID-19 tests, such as the antigen test, PCR test or LAMP test. Or if you are in International business and wish to implement food products, Edumundo allows for you to personalise the experience that you and your students require.

Each student team competes against other teams in the same module or class. This makes the management simulation highly competitive, dynamic and realistic. Each round they play is equal to one year of operations. The ranking list that determines the winning team is based on their performance on the Balanced Scorecard and compared against their competitors. 


This strategy game offers a range of different strategic modules which can be added and amended, in-line with the module’s weekly contact points with students. In other words, if you are teaching SWOT and PESTLE in week 1, and RBV and Ansoff in week 2, our account managers will implement those strategic options in the same weeks of the simulation. This way your students will apply the tools and theories straight after you have introduced them.

assessment ideas and examples

Your customised simulation could be assessed in different ways. Below are the options that are used most frequently:

  • Create an individual reflection report on what students have achieved and what they have learnt from the simulation.
  • Written report in which students write down each round what decisions they have taken and what they believe the outcomes will be. They reflect on the decisions made in the previous round and continue this process throughout the simulation.
  • Prepare a presentation (to virtual stakeholders) and explain the decisions the team made.
  • The ranking list could become a component of the assessment. But not on its own. It should be combined with either a reflection report or written report.

customisable Content


Values and objectives


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Student levels: All UG and PG
Module subjects: Suitable for All Business Subjects 
Languages: nl gb


In a business simulation game theoretical models are put into practice. They provide participants with a unique experience in which team-working, analytical thinking and insight, and decision-making skills are trained and tested throughout each round, enabling student-led and experiential learning.


  • 20 years' experience of delivering business simulations
  • Working with 40+ UK universities and over 300 worldwide
  • In-house operations support throughout the simulation, taking the administrative burden away from Lecturers
  • Updated simulations to reflect current affairs

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