Case Study - Business Simulations at Coventry Uni

  • Module: Engineering Project Management
  • Level: Postgraduate
  • Management Simulation: Phone Ventures
  • Number of Students: 40
  • Lecturer: Dr. Karim Ahmed

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“My experience of working with Edumundo has been fantastic! Not only because of the people I’ve been working with there but also because of the experiences the students have gained from their training and guidance.”

Dr. Karim Ahmed
Karim Ahmed Pic

As part of the Strategic International Project Management module, Dr. Karim Ahmed was looking for a method to enhance student experience and add value to students' understanding of business performance analysis. He decided to use the Phone Ventures management simulation where teams of students manage their own smartphone company, use SWOT analyses to assess the business environment, and make informed decisions to gain market share.


“We decided to use management simulations to enhance student experience and add value to their understanding of a topic. They are not assessed on their performance on the simulation, but how they worked as a team in the simulation, writing a reflective essay at the end of the module. The main purpose of using it is to see how these strategic tools operate in the real world.“


What was the outcome?

“The students walked away learning a lot of interesting concepts. This was particularly relevant to the module, teaching them strategy and how you work in international teams. I personally believe that having students in different parts of the world added to the value of the simulation as students had to work in teams in an international environment covering different time-zones.”


What Feedback Have You Received From Your Students?

"The students loved the experience. They loved the ability to make decisions, they love the fact that they could go through the different stages of the decision making process and address different factors they needed to take into consideration. The key highlight for them was seeing the results of their decisions. In the last semester we received 100% student satisfaction on the module."

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