Case Study - Business Simulations at GCU

  • Module: International Business Strategy
  • Level: Undergraduate
  • Management Simulation: Phone Ventures
  • Number of Students: 390
  • Lecturer: Dr. Keith Halcro
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“I see Edumundo as partners of the learning service rather than a supplier. Service has always been prompt, helpful and courteous. Staff have advised us based on the modules we run and the type of students enrolled.”

Dr. Keith Halcro
Keith Halcro - GCU

Dr. Keith Halcro has been using business simulations at both undergraduate and postgraduate level for nearly eight years. His International Business Strategy module uses the Phone Ventures simulation where teams of students manage their own smartphone company to assess the business environment, and make informed decisions to improve their market ranking and gain market share.


“I’ve always observed that students like to do things rather than be taught at. The idea of a simulation game allows students to exercise their own competences and capabilities in decision-making and problem-solving, and to learn from success and failure. The simulation game is also a great way of encouraging team-working.”


How Are Students Assessed On The Module?

“Students get a certain amount of their marks based on their performance on the game. The majority of the marks actually come from writing a strategic plan for the company [they managed in the simulation] and within the report students provide a rationale for the decisions they undertook during the simulation.”



What Feedback Have You Received From Your Students?

The module feedback has been very encouraging. Here are some examples of the students' feedback:
  • “The simulation game is an interesting and immersive way of experiencing the business environment.”
  • “I’ve really enjoyed the learning experience of the simulation game and running your own organisation. I’m a very analytical person so I’ve enjoyed the market analysis and strategic planning.”
  • “The game has been fun, it’s stimulating to evaluate and make decisions upon multiple aspects of the business and apply them to a realistic scenario.”

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