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What is Edumundo Skills?

Edumundo Skills is a digital package of study and employability skills modules and resources. 
Designed for students, the package supports Academic and/or Careers staff in their initiatives to embed skills tuition within new and existing programmes/modules. 
The package provides staff with a host of skills modules, activities and assignments to be used in any way they like. It's a package that can be adapted and tailored to your needs with both tech and customer support provided throughout.
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Why focus on Skills?

  • Preparing students for the workplace is a key challenge Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) face. For many students their choice of university is heavily influenced by their likely employment prospects/options upon graduation.

  • Given the wide variety of disciplines, teaching styles, contact hours, and assessment approaches, many students develop different skills sets but still without core study and employability skills that will set them up for both academic, personal and professional success.

    For these reasons, we have collaborated with leading academics in skills development to design the Edumundo Skills package.

Module Topics

Edumundo Skills is broken up into three sections with separate sub-modules within each one. These three sections are outlined below:
  1. Study Skills Development
  2. Self-exploration and Personal Development
  3. Professional Development and Career Development
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“My experience of working with Edumundo has been fantastic! Not only because of the people I’ve been working with there but also because of the experiences the students have gained from their training and guidance.”

Dr. Karim Ahmed

Course Director of MSc Engineering Project Management

Coventry University


Key Features of Edumundo Skills

'Chunking' of Text

Powered by the latest research on learning acquisition, the content within the modules 'chunks' key theories and concepts before introducing interactive activities (individual and group) to both engage students and test their understanding.

In-Built Assessment

Built in formative assessment mean students receive immediate feedback on their activities and assignments while summative assessment is provided through quizzes.

Online Dashboard

Includes a built-in student dashboard providing details of task and activity completion rate, what module they are currently studying, time spent on each task, and how many more modules are left to complete.

Scalable and Adaptable

Edumundo Skills can sit within a dedicated skills module, aligned to and supporting the learning objectives and module specifications or can sit outside the module structure as a self-study resource. 

Supports 'Flipped Learning'

As a self-study resource with built in engagement and progression metrics, staff can assign students tasks to prepare for and complete prior to seminars/workshops. They can even monitor progression of the tasks at a class-level or individual level from within the Tutor Dashboard.


Edumundo Skills is supported by our Operations and Customer Success Team. We're on hand to respond to tech queries from students and staff through our dedicated Helpdesk, taking the tehcnical and administrative burden away from central academic functions. 

Employability Skills Webinar

Check out our webinar on Developing Employability Skills in Higher Education. In this webinar we hear from three academics and how they've embedded employability skills within existing modules and 'skills weeks.'


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Read our recap blog of the key themes discussed on March's webinar on developing employability skills.

In this blog we take a look at:

  • The Skills Agenda in HE
  • The Death of the 'Job for Life'
  • Retraining and Reskilling 
  • Increased competition in the labour market

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