The Lessons Learned From the Pandemic: Student Feedback & its implications

Published on 17 October 2023

In this blog post, we will delve into one of the sections covered in the thought-provoking article "Lessons Learned From the Pandemic." Specifically, we will focus on the valuable insights gained through student feedback. As educators navigated the challenges of emergency online teaching, gathering feedback became crucial in assessing the effectiveness of the curriculum and making necessary improvements. Let's explore the findings and implications of the student feedback.

Assessing Curriculum Effectiveness:

To gauge the satisfaction and effectiveness of the curriculum, a comprehensive feedback collection process was implemented. This involved conducting online sessions and distributing two surveys among the student body. The first survey aimed to evaluate various aspects of the module, including quality, teaching effectiveness, online information accessibility, instructor support, and assessment clarity. Additionally, tailored questions were included to gather insights on support, communication channels, group work participation, and lecture/tutorial balance. The survey received an impressive response, with 136 students providing their valuable feedback.

High Satisfaction with Module Design and Teaching Quality:

The survey results showed high satisfaction among students regarding the module's quality and teaching. Over 80% found instructors approachable and effective, while more than two-thirds felt the lectures and tutorials were well-balanced. Additionally, 85% found it easy to access information on the Canvas site. The feedback also highlighted satisfaction with teaching methods and assessment clarity, with around 80% expressing contentment. Furthermore, 91% confirmed active participation in group work, showcasing the collaborative learning environment.

Insights into Online Student Engagement:

To gain deeper insights into online student engagement, an innovative online questionnaire inspired by Coates was developed. This questionnaire was made accessible during one of the live lectures and received an overwhelming response from 244 participants over a span of two weeks. The results, including mean scores and percentages of positive, neutral, and negative responses, were compiled into a comprehensive table.

The findings from this questionnaire revealed a strong consensus among students regarding their satisfaction with online classes. Approximately 90% of students expressed a positive opinion on the value of live lectures, flipped seminars, and additional learning materials. This indicates that these methods successfully engaged students. 


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