Business Simulations for Student Inductions

Client Testimonial

“Edumundo ticked all the boxes. It was really well-designed, very easy to use and online. They integrated different areas of business, HR, Operations and Logistics, Financials within the simulation. I liked how students also had to respond to 'news alerts' when making decisions during each round."

Ian Shotton, 
Programme Leader for International Business Management
Uni of Chester-1

Improve Student Induction with a Team-based Simulation Game

Our business simulations have been used by over 300 universities worldwide. Many of whom use our management simulations as part of their student induction and welcome week activities. 


Why Use Business Simulations?

  • Student Networking - a good opportunity for new students to meet one another
  • Team-work - students have to work together in teams to manage a company and improve business performance
  • Scalable - our management simulations can be run within your required time-frame
  • Theory in Practice - within the simulation students are introduced to key business-related concepts and theories, giving them a taste of their course of study


  • 20 years' experience of delivering business simulations
  • Working with over 300 universities worldwide
  • In-house operations support throughout, taking the administrative burden away from academic staff
  • Updated simulations to reflect current affairs and markets

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