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Interactive management simulations and business games result in more student engagement, increasing their learning experience and grades, higher module satisfaction, improving their employability skills and results in higher attendance rates. 

International business simulation | 2nd year+ UG, PG, MSc, MBA)
In this international business game, student teams manage their own globally operating smart phone companies. They compete directly against each other on becoming the global market leader. ...
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The Trainers Startup
Entrepreneurship simulation | All student levels
Management simulation about entrepreneurship and decision making. Student act as the management of their own trainers companies. Transforming their startups into scale-ups and conquer the market ...
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Prosim Advanced
Strategic management | All student levels
ProSim Advanced is a flexible, strategic trade simulation. Due to its modular nature, this business game can be arranged completely according to the module objectives and subjects. Students from the ...
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The Chocolate Firm
Operations and supply chain | Final year UG, PG, MSc, MBA
Operations management simulation in which student teams run their own chocolate factories. Students experience the supply chain they are part of. Doing business with suppliers of raw materials and ...
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My Marketing Experience
MMX | All student levels
Specialised marketing simulation on establishing a jeans brand. Students act as the managers of a marketing department and create their unique marketing plan and implement it. From analysis, to ...
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Prosim Classic
Introduction in business l Induction weeks, Foundation year
Within this business game, students are the management of a production company who produces four types of different products. In every round students will have to manage their company in a highly ...
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Online Tour Operator
Tourism and leisure management l All student levels
Tourism management simulation about the leisure industry. Student teams are running (online) tour operators, conducting analysis on different holiday destinations, service levels and occupancy rates, ...
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Why choose a management simulation?

Theory in practice

Our management simulations will bring the theory alife. Students will learn how to apply their theoretical knowledge in a safe, simulated environment in which they are allowed to make mistakes and learn from that.

Student engagement

The newest generation of students engage easily in online management simulations. It matches perfectly with how they are currently consuming online content. As all management simulations compare student teams in ranking lists, it becomes the ‘talk of town’ which increases the engagement levels and attendance rates.

Learning experience

Using our simulations, students receive higher grades and at the same time improve their employability skills such as:  cognitive skills, project management, group-work and technical abilities. Students improve critical thinking and analytical skills while simultaneously questioning and listening to team members.

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