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5 Reasons for a Strategic Partnership

Published on 13 March 2023

1) How are you going to use business simulations to create a coherent offer? The simulations are not a standalone project. They become the centre and not an addon. The purpose is to create a strand of experiential learning from the foundation level up to masters level. This creates a coherence in...

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Cross-Modular Learning in Business Subjects

Published on 7 March 2023

Most university courses operate with a modular system. This is to give students more flexibility and some would argue, lighten the workload of module conveners. This, however, creates challenges for program leaders wanting to embed cross-modular learning that appeals to a wider student audience....

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Artificial intelligence in Business Education

Published on 24 February 2023

Students have been searching the web for answers to academic questions since the advent of the search bar. People started asking their phones, their kitchens and anything with a microphone and an assistant for answers to the questions we sought. It was rather unlikely that a smartphone assistant...

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The MBA - Developing Future Leaders Through Business Simulations

Published on 6 January 2023

"The good thing about the simulation is that it makes reference to some of the core management concepts, as well so it's not giving something alien to them, it's structurally aligned to their learning." Dr. Dane Anderton December's MBA webinar with guest speaker,Dr. Dane Anderton, Senior Lecturer...

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Developing Business Education to Help Students Achieve Their Goals

Published on 4 January 2023

  Beyond the Bottom Line Those in business education probably know that “the bottom line” is a phrase borrowed from accounting. In one way or another every business decision leads to an impact that affects the bottom line. It means that after all the inflow and outflows are accounted for the bottom...

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The Importance of Student Engagement When Looking at ROI  

Published on 4 January 2023

  Understanding that when students are engaged in learning and are using learning tools that enhance that engagement, they are leaving classrooms with knowledge and skills that create a well-rounded student who is far better prepared and more confident and capable of entering the workforce.  Going...

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Improving Student Engagement and Testing Theory in Business Education

Published on 2 December 2022

  Looking for the Laboratory When it comes to improving student engagement, social sciences and humanities are at a disadvantage. Natural sciences, engineering, arts and computer science courses usually have time specifically timetabled for practical application of theory. In business-related...

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North Sea Business Games Competition - Autumn 2022

Published on 30 November 2022

  122 students, 26 teams, 2 days, 2 universities, 1 winner!

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Using Business Simulations to Develop Students' Employability Skills

Published on 18 November 2022

"The results of the Internal Student Survey (ISS) showed that students found it particularly useful to have something so competitive, so interactive and so different to what they have done before. What they shared with me was how much their experience was enhanced." Dr. Konstantina Skritsovali On...

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Four Ways Business Simulations Emulate the Real World of Business

Published on 8 September 2022

"Authenticity, for me, is about how knowledge will be used in a real-life context. We're trying to, in a sense, build in the idea of real-life experience within modules that we teach."  Dr. Vincent Rich, Principal Lecturer, University of Westminster Earlier this year the Financial Times wrote about...

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Developing Soft Skills Through Business Simulations

Published on 13 July 2022

"Students tend to develop a lot of skills through the application of theoretical elements in the simulation."

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Teaching the SDGs Through Business Simulations

Published on 9 June 2022

"This is the right time to teach students that these "Goals" are often at odds with one another, as well as how private firms are contributing to meeting them. It's important for students to identify how to develop a number of pathways for firms to contribute positively to these Goals through their...

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