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Developing Soft Skills Through Business Simulations

Published on 13 July 2022

"Students tend to develop a lot of skills through the application of theoretical elements in the simulation."

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Teaching the SDGs Through Business Simulations

Published on 9 June 2022

"This is the right time to teach students that these "Goals" are often at odds with one another, as well as how private firms are contributing to meeting them. It's important for students to identify how to develop a number of pathways for firms to contribute positively to these Goals through their...

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Assurance of Learning (AoL) Through Business Simulations

Published on 31 May 2022

"I wanted a simulation; I wanted active learning. Today students want a multi-media, interactive experience; t hey don't want to be taught the way we were taught." Dr Joel Rudin On Wednesday, May 11, we held a webinar together with guest speaker, Professor and Assistant Chair, Dr Joel Rudin from...

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Developing Student Competencies Through Business Simulations (1/2)

Published on 9 May 2022

"We did some research with employers and the feedback was that they weren't getting graduates with good skills in working with others. This informed our experiential learning strategy and is core to how and why we're rolling out the simulation to a much wider cohort and number of courses: to equip...

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Developing Student Competencies Through Business Simulations (2/2)

Published on 9 May 2022

  On page two of this article we take a look at Shauna and Renata's approaches to teaching Generation 'Y' and 'Z', as well covering a couple of great questions from the Q&A session we held towards the end of the webinar. If you missed page one of this article, click here.

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How Business Simulations Provide Real-World Experience for Students

Published on 7 April 2022

"When the students get into the simulation, some of the strategy choices that they have to make link back to the models they've covered in previous sessions, such as Porter's 'Five Forces.'" David Preece, Associate Professor, BYU Hawaii On Tuesday 22nd March we held a webinar together with guest...

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Teaching Strategic Management Through Business Simulations

Published on 22 March 2022

"Part of my PG Certificate investigated group work and simulations to identify the problem I had with student engagement. Business simulations have been reported to close that application gap by exposing students to real business situations to apply skills and theory in a safe environment. It...

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Recap - North Sea Business Games, 2022

Published on 4 March 2022

  108 students, 24 teams, 3 days, 2 universities, 1 winner!

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Edumundo Merges Business Operations to Become One Global Company

Published on 1 March 2022

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The Deans' Den - School-Wide Experiential Learning

Published on 22 February 2022

"We wanted our taught students to have a deep-learning experience where at each level of their study they'd have opportunities to work with industry but we also wanted that experience to be underpinned with data-driven simulations and immersive experiences. The work we are doing with Edumundo is...

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Authentic Learning - Creating Real World Scenarios

Published on 21 December 2021

"Authenticity, for me, is about how knowledge will be used in a real-life context. We're trying to, in a sense, build in the idea of real-life experience within modules that we teach." 

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Business Sustainability - Teaching ESG

Published on 16 December 2021

"Whatever companies think they can and can't do, these are real challenges that relate to what companies do. The question is how they are able to influence the pace of transition through breakthrough and systemic innovations to meet very specific targets whilst ensuring negative trade-offs do not...

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