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Why use the Financial Management Edubook

Exercise material

The Financial Management Edubook contains many practice assignments as well as theory. Furthermore, all modules feature a large number of (digital) assignments and a case study, which gives students the opportunity to apply and practise the theory directly. 

Automated feedback

Many intermediate practice assignments are provided with automated feedback. Students are taken through the subject step by step. The automated feedback allows them to complete the exercises independently.

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The assignments in the Edubook vary in level from one star (beginners level) to three stars (final level). The feedback helps users to assess and improve their own level.

The Financial Management Edubook can be used at various levels within different programmes. The learning tool fits perfectly with first-year students of a financial module, but also fits well within modules where students need to acquire a financial-economic basis. Examples are facility management, logistics, business administration, hotel management, commercial economics, etc. It can also be used in second, third, and forth year modules and within Economics and Business degree programmes.

Through the Edubook, students are introduced to financial management. The subject is explained step by step and by means of simple examples a link to practice is made.

The first modules focus on the most important statements: the income statement, the cash flow statement and the balance sheet. Both the structure and the practical application are covered extensively. Furthermore, all relevant concepts are explained.

In the later modules, subjects such as the business plan, fixed and current assets and ratio analyses are described in detail.

The various methods of investment selection are discussed in the module on fixed assets and the section on current assets focuses on working capital and its optimisation.

Finally, the equity and debt capital of a company are dealt with extensively.


  • How do the desired investments relate to the available funding?
  • Are the expected revenues high enough to cover the expected costs?
  • Will the organisation have enough money in the long run to meet its payment obligations?
  • Which investment will yield the highest added value from a financial perspective?
  • How will the realised profit be distributed?
  • What costs should I take into account when taking out a loan?

In addition to theory, the Edubook Financial Management contains a large number of (digital) assignments and case studies that provide students with the opportunity to practise the theory covered in each module. At the end of each module there are various exercise assignments, classified into different levels from one (beginner) to three stars (advanced).

After working through the Edubook, students will have a broad knowledge and practical understanding of financial management within the business environment.


Developments in the field 

Every organisation keeps its (financial) accounts and is obliged to publish the results. Accurate information is a very important factor in the decision-making process of organisations. Accurate processing of financial data is therefore a requirement. Of course, the automation within organisations comes in handy here. Nevertheless, it is important that students themselves are competent, so that they are able to collect, interpret, check and correct administrative data. They can only do that if they know how to set up and run an administration themselves.


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Why Choose an Edubook?

An Edubook is a total solution that unites all learning resources belonging to a course. It replaces the theory book, the reference book, the workbook, your syllabus with articles and possibly even the exam. The Edubook is basically an online application and offers all the functionalities needed to present a subject to students in a modern way, with new working methods. The Edubook also has a print functionality for people who do not yet want to work 100% digitally.



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