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Why choose Edubook Foundations of Finance & Control? 


In addition to the theory, the Foundations of Finance & Control Edubook contains many interim exercise assignments. All modules are concluded with a large number of (digital) assignments and a case study. Providing students the opportunity to put the theory into practice immediately.




The interim practice assignments are provided with integrated feedback. Students are taken step by step into the subject. Thanks to the automated feedback, they can use the exercise material independently. Ideal for flipping the classroom and distance learning. 

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The layout of this Edubook is visually appealing and engaging. This fits in well with expectations of the modern student and strongly supports the learning process (blended learning). Plain text is no longer acceptable while the possibilities of modern techniques provides great visual opportunities.   

The Foundations of Finance & Control Edubook provides a unique introduction into understanding financial statements and learning basic accounting rules in order to tackle more advanced problems and challenges modern financials are faced with. With the Edubook combining the Financial Management and Management accounting Edubooks, for a complete understanding of Finance and Control.

This Edubook contains digital theory with animated examples and explanations. Assignments on different levels and a dashboard for lecturers to provide useful information on performance and motivation.

The Foundations of Finance & Control Edubook provides the basic knowledge for the professional understanding, processing and analysis of (financial) data. It also provides insight into the design and optimisation of business processes. Calculations and terminology are central to this publication, because relevant concepts are introduced and defined one by one, the student is introduced to the field step by step. This makes the course material extremely suitable for students without prior knowledge of the subject. The Edubook is written by Sijbren Hogewerf, Anka Goos and Sonni Jensen.

The questions in the Edubook relate to the relevant choices organisations have to take. The better the decision-making process, the greater the chance that organisations will achieve their objectives. The Foundations of Finance & Control Edubook equips students to be able to make a valuable contribution to the decision-making process.


Foundations of finance & Control

Financial management

Management accounting

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Why an Edubook?

An Edubook is a comprehensive solution that unites all learning resources that belong to a subject. It replaces the text book, the reference work, the workbook, the development book, your syllabus with articles and possibly even the exam. The Edubook is in principle an online platform and offers all the functionalities that are required to convey a course to students in a modern way, with new work forms. The Edubook also has printing functionality for people who do not yet want to work 100% digitally.



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