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The Marketing Edubook provides an introduction to marketing for Higher Education students. All current theories and perspectives in Marketing are introduced with the emphasis on the implementation of the Marketing Mix within relevant case studies.



In the first chapter, marketing strategy, research, and environment are all introduced. The strategy module discusses Porter's generic competitive strategies, Treacy and Wiersema's value strategies and Kim and Mauborgne's 'Red & Blue ocean' strategies. Furthermore, attention is given to developing marketing strategies based on various models, such as Ansoff's growth strategies and the BCG product matrix.

The module on the environment revolves around the environmental analysis, with attention to the micro, meso, and macro environments. Students learn to draw conclusions from the findings of the environmental analysis using SWOT analyses and the confrontation matrix.

Later in the Edubook students learn about consumer behavior. This section deals with the needs and desires of the consumer. Topics such as customer roles, the buying process, forms of buying behaviour and influences on choice behaviour are reviewed. Segmentation analyses and positioning are also covered.

In the final chapters, the seven Ps of the marketing mix are tackled as well as the concept of service marketing. 

The learning resource contains numerous current examples, cases, blogs, videos and interactive assignments, so that students have to actively work with the material. Each module also concludes with a practical case in which students will put the discussed theory into practice with the help of interactive assignments.

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Tutor dashboard

Lecturers receive a so-called tutor dashboard at the Edubook, on which they can monitor the progress of their students. In this way, they can see, among other things, whether their students have completed their assignments and how long they have done. Furthermore, the dashboard shows teachers which problems the students have the most difficulty with, so that the teachers can devote some extra attention to this in class. The dashboard offers lecturers the opportunity to follow both the entire class and individual students.



Why Edubooks?

Edubooks combine all learning resources from one subject into one place; they replace the standard text book with a format that encompasses articles, theories, case studies, exercises and assignments, and even exams. In principle, the Edubook is often used as an online app or ebook, providing students with all the functionalities students come to expect from contemporary e-learning. The Edubook also has a printing function for people who prefer to work on content in hard-copy format.

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