gamepad-solid Gamification

Gamification and game theory are used to positively influence human behaviour. If used in the right way, they trigger intrinsic motivation which results in: 

  • Higher levels of student engagement
  • Increases in learning experience
  • Higher student module satisfaction
  • Increased students' grades
  • Improved employability skills
  • Better attendance rates and higher student retention

Management simulations

Business games and management simulations offer a hands-on experience, in which student teams run their own businesses. Fast facts:

  • Web based
  • Work can be done on any device including laptops, tablets, desktops and smart phones
  • Students manage their own companies
  • Each round within the simulation represents one year of operations
  • Time investment: 5 - 20 hours
  • Competitive setting: one team's decisions influences the other teams' dynamics and results
  • Flexible simulations, customised to match against each course's module outline
  • Applied theory to practical scenarios
  • Fun increases the learning curve 

View the management simulation per subject:

International Business simulation | 2nd year+ UG, PG, MSc, MBA
In this international business game, student teams manage their own globally operating smart phone companies. They compete directly against each other on becoming the global market leader. ...
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The Trainers Startup
Entrepreneurship simulation | All student levels
Management simulation about entrepreneurship and decision making. Student act as the management of their own trainers companies. Transforming their startups into scale-ups and conquer the market ...
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ProSim Advanced
Strategic management | All student levels
ProSim Advanced is a flexible, strategic trade simulation. Due to its modular nature, this business game can be arranged completely according to the module objectives and subjects. Students form the ...
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The Chocolate Firm
Operations and supply chain | Final year UG, PG, MSc, MBA
Operations management simulation in which student teams run their own chocolate factories. Students experience the supply chain they are part of. Doing business with suppliers of raw materials and ...
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My Marketing Experience
MMX | All student levels
Specialised marketing simulation on establishing a jeans brand. Students act as the managers of a marketing department and create their unique marketing plan and implement it. From analysis, to ...
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Prosim Classic
Introduction in business l Induction weeks, Foundation year
Within this business game, students are the management of a production company who produces four types of different products. In every round students will have to manage their company in a highly ...
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Online Tour Operator
Tourism and leisure management l All student levels
Tourism management simulation about the leisure industry. Student teams are running (online) tour operators, conducting analysis on different holiday destinations, service levels and occupancy rates, ...
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Management simulations - Customer Reference

Alice Shepherd of Leeds University Business School has won the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence. She says the reason for success lies in the fact that students are “working together in a small group and competing with other groups while running competitor businesses within the module”. Teaching staff were very enthusiastic too. 97% of students strongly agreed that teaching staff were enthusiastic about this module. Shepherd: “the lecturers enjoy running the simulation and I think that’s reflected in the student feedback on our enthusiasm. Students come to appreciate the range of decisions that business managers have to make, and the need to be flexible and react to news items and competitor actions.”

HE College coins

Many students are not ready for the leap to higher education, and as such are not equipped with the skills needed to get the most out their studies from day 1. The onboarding process is often highly focussed on one intensive induction week, with often minimal contact and support in the pre-boarding phase, and add-hoc and inconsistent ongoing support throughout the first crucial 100 days of university life. 

The new HE College Coins App from Edumundo, leverages students' smartphones to provide a structured and coherent communication and distribution channel to students through the use of push-notifications. It also provides an additional layer of motivation for the students by awarding 'Coins' for completed tasks, activities and challenges.

The results are: more motivated, socialised, and engaged students, with a better sense of community and heightened student loyalty to the university.

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