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In My Marketing Experience students act as the managers of a Jeans brand. They create their own unique marketing plan, starting with analysis, segmentation, positioning and branding to implement the complete marketing mix on tactical level.

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This marketing game consists of eight rounds, where each round represents a quarter of a calendar year and each covering specific marketing theory. Teams are taking strategic decisions and tactical actions based on their own metrics and analysis. Each team fight for the upperhand in marketshare, creating a highly competative setting that has a strong focus on brand awareness, brand image and brand loyalty.

Apply the marketing theory 

On the dashboard of the simulation the theoretical background is provided to deliver context on the specific strategic and tactical decisions that need to be made in each round. In the first round students start analyzing the markets and analyzing their metrics on which they determine their objectives. In the second round teams decide on their target group by using a unique list of segmentation criteria. The third round covers branding and positioning, where the simulations provides a real-time positioning map on which all participating teams are plotted. In round four to eight the main objective is to implement the complete marketing mix on a strategic and tactical level. 

Marketing Plan (assessment)

Once the simulation has ended, students are able to download their own unique marketing plan which is generated automatically from within the simulation. The marketing plan is based on their own strategic decisions, tactical actions, results and justifications of the decisions taken. My Marketing Experience has been developed in collaboration Pearson Education and Dr. Mairead Brady (Assistant Professor in Marketing at Trinity College Dublin and co-author of Kotler's renowned marketing management books).



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Student levels: All
Module subjects: Introduction in marketing, marketing strategy
Collaboration: Pearson Education
Languages: gb



In a management game, theoretical models are put into practice. Management games give participants a unique experience in which mutual collaboration, analytical thinking and insight into complex and dynamic relationships are important learning effects.


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