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ProSim Classic is a management simulation developed for introduction weeks, open days and foundation year modules. Student teams act as the management of small production companies. They will take introductory level decisions for the company’s main departments, introducing them to different aspects of running a small business.

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Within the simulation, students compete against one another. This results in the decisions made by one team, for instance lowering their selling price, impacting the demands and results of the other teams. The simulation is played in rounds, where one round is equivalent to one year of operations. In each round teams have to decide how many products they wish to produce and how to bring these products to market. Students also take decisions on the salary of their employees, as well as what investments to make in new equipment.

In addition to the learning objectives, teams can also enrich their simulation experience with their own marketing campaigns and press releases. The ranking list is a great motivator to young and ambitious students. Please remember to offer a great prize to the winning team!


Open days and taster days

The simulation can be played in two to four hours and best accomplished while on a campus tour, keynote speakers and presentations by senior students. This way your future students will get the best (and most fun!) indication of what your university offers, its culture, the campus and the departments have to offer.

Induction and Introduction week

This simulation is often used during introduction weeks (aka induction weeks). It is a great tool to get your students engaged by working in small teams to get to know your fellow students and be introduced to the program's subjects in an entertaining way.

Foundation year modules

During the foundation year, students are introduced to many different subjects taught within the business school. Using this ProSim Classic management simulation, students get an easy, and fun glimpse of what all those subjects have to offer. The simulation touches subjects such as strategy, finance, HRM, marketing and operations.


Introduction to business subjects:


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Student levels:  Induction week, introduction week, foundation year, open days, taster days
Languages: nl gb 



In a management game, theoretical models are put into practice. Management games give participants a unique experience in which mutual collaboration, analytical thinking and insight into complex and dynamic relationships are important learning effects.



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