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Our authors, clients and colleagues regularly share their visions and newest discoveries in blogs and white papers. Here you will find the backgrounds and insights of the changes in the way we teach and learn. 


Here you will find blogs and white papers about applying educational innovation in practice. 


Edumundo collaborates with renowned authors and professors. They develop the research and text used to develop the management simulations and Edubooks. They are also responsible for the regular updates in line with the newest developments within their subject area. In these blogs they will write about the thoughts and reasoning behind those newest trends and developments.

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In our blogs you will find the latest news, developments and trends. The blogs will inspire you on topics in the subject area of study succes, learning analytics, assessments and flipping the classroom. 

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New Blog Article - Teaching the SDGs Through Business Simulations

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Our monthly webinars feature guest speakers from across Higher Education. Here we discuss a variety of topics such as student engagement, experiential learning, reflective practice, gamification, and employability skills.
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