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Global Citizenship

Join the global change-makers league! The Global Citizenship line empowers you to make a difference in the world. Learn about active global citizenship, sustainable development goals, and how you can contribute to a brighter, more sustainable future.




GlobalCitizenship - SDGs

Higher Education Institutions are on a unique position to be at the forefront of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) promotion and serve as a benchmark for other sectors of the economy (Unesco, 2023). Use BrightBirds to make students familiar with the SDGs and get them thinking on how they can contribute to a better world.



Citizenship participation

Citizenship participation has increasingly become a core concern for universities. They take on a social responsibility as their third academic mission (in addition to traditional teaching and research) where it is about a way of doing, or a mindset for accomplishing. This will require a form of learning which empowers students to develop democratic competences these can be broken down in 4 categories: Values, Attitudes, Skills & Knowledge and critical understanding (Geier, 2018).

Prepare your students for active citizenship by using BrightBirds!



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