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Skills Pack

Become a professional powerhouse with our Skills Pack! Level up your 21th academic skills in leadership, feedback giving, reflecting, communicating and research based oral presentations. Unleash your inner boss and conquer the world of academics, work and beyond.



Why are skills important?

Skills are getting increasingly important. The National Association of Colleges and Empluers (NACE) Job Outlook for 2022 reported that fewer employers are looking for GPA and are actively removing degree requirements in hiring processes, looking instead to competencies and skill-based hiring. They are moving their focus to skills and work experience. To ensure that higher education keeps high alumni employment statistics, they will need to infuse their degrees with the skills and competencies employers are looking for (Leonard, 2023). Skills gaps between university curriculums and the workplace have become a point of contention for many companies over the past year, with nearly 90% of companies noting that they currently exist or expect them to exist over the next few years (Leonard, 2023). 

BrightBirds can make sure students (learners) can acquire both skills and confidence in using transferable academic skills.

Skills Pack - Personal leadership

In this BrightBird set, personal leadership is at the centre. With this theme, we give direction and substance to the student's personal development. The purpose of this gamification is, on the one hand, for the student to discover these many facets of personal leadership and, on the other hand, for the student to become aware of which components of personal leadership are especially important to the student, how the student has already developed in this and in which areas the student wants to develop further.


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Skills Pack - Feedback literacy

Feedback has been recognised as a powerful learning tool in higher education (Hattie and Timperley, 2007). If students are to make use of this power, they must learn to appropriately engage with feedback and have the capacity to do so.

According to Carless and Boud (2018), feedback literacy consists of three aspects, which together make you take action as a learner or student (Leenknecht, 2018):

  • Valuing feedback: This is about recognising and valuing feedback (Jackson & Marks, 2016)
  • Judging: This is about being able to judge one's own work (Leenknecht & Prins, 2018)
  • Managing affect: This is about being emotionally open to feedback (Peeters, 2021)

BrightBirds ensures that students grow in their feedback literacy in an interactive, secured way.

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