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Improving engagement and motivation throughout the applicant-to-student journey will enable your students to thrive during their studies.
That's why effective student induction is more than just a one week activity: it's part of a wider onboarding process.
Based on our own student onboarding model, we've developed a mobile/tablet application, Bright Birds, to incentivise students to learn new skills and make valuable connections throughout the application, induction, and course study phases.
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Achieving a highly engaged and well-performing student body is a goal of any Higher Education Institution (HEI). But there are many challenges:

  • Supporting students on distance/blended-learning programmes
  • Helping international students adjust to a new culture
  • Supporting students' wellbeing needs (on/off campus)
  • Deterring students from dropping out of university

Fostering such a student body is inherently difficult. But not impossible.

STUDENT ONBOARDING - More than Just Induction

Combining best practices of employee onboarding in the public and private sectors and recruitment, conversion, and inductions in the Higher Education sector, we have developed the Student Onboarding model. 
The onboarding period begins the moment an applicant enquires about studying at a HEI through to their first 100 days of study. This onboarding period is essential to ensure students are involved and engaged not only in their chosen course of study but the wider university community. 
The diagram below outlines our concept of successful student onboarding, starting with the 'Pre-boarding' phase 0. involving student recruitment activities, followed by phases 1, 2, and 3. involving induction and the first 100 days of study, leading to the 'On Board' phase where students are settled, engaged, and motivated to achieve their academic goals.  
Student Onboarding Model #2

Bright Birds App

The Tool to effective Student Onboarding

Enabling HEIs to improve their applicant/student engagement throughout the student onboarding process:

  • Available on all mobile and tablet devices
  • Incentivises students to learn new skills and make new friends
  • Connects university staff with applicants/students
  • Rewards students through micro-credentials
  • In-house tech support provided throughout

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