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Marketing Simulations

The majority of lecturers use our simulations within a specific module or course. Many universities also use our simulations as an integral part of their open days, induction weeks, or final project assignments.

Below you'll find a selection of simulations suitable for marketing-based courses/modules.

Marketing Simulations - Customer Reference

Nick Pronger, Birkbeck University of London:Students need a practical, applied focus for any business discipline. To have a marketing module focused on students practising and making decisions, both strategic and tactical within the context of marketing theory is absolutely essential.

Via a simulation students can experiment and see what the results are and learn from those decisions that went well and those that did not.

The simulation was a proper marketing simulation. It was adaptable and sizeable for the subject level and we have a good connection with the people at Edumundo. They provide a good support level." 

Read case study - Birkbeck University

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Edubooks for marketing subjects

Edumundo offers various Edubooks to suit a range of modules/courses at all levels of higher education (from foundation, undergraduate, through to postgraduate and MBA level). The titles contain a mix of traditional and modern learning methods.

The Edubook has many advantages, and can be the central point within a module for all content, assignments, feedback and assessment - all in one engaging platform. Lecturers can keep track of student progress and activity within the lecturer dashboard.

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