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Edumundo offers various Edubooks that are very suitable for financial education. The titles fit well with practice and contain a mix of traditional and modern learning methods. Our Edubooks has many advantages. All learning materials for a course can be approached in one learning platform, this platform can be approached independently of time and place and it offers lecturers the opportunity to follow the learning trajectory of students. View the Edubooks for the subject Finance below.

Project Management
Reinier Gerritzen & Noor van den Brink
Project Management is an inter-disciplinary resource that is useful for every professional. It can also help to provide job protection for our fast-changing future. This hands-on Edubook ...
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Study Skills & Employability Skills
Reinier Gerritzen & Edumundo
is divided into Study Skills and Employability Skills. The first part provides the student with insights into their own abilities, skills and weaknesses, in order to improve their learning ...
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Digital marketing
Marije Dahmen, Manon Snoeren & Edumundo
The Edubook Digital Marketing offers students an overview of the tactical and strategic facets of the subject, without any prior knowledge of marketing being assumed. Through web-based ...
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Foundations of Finance & Control
Sonni Jensen, Anka Goos, Sijbren Hogewerf
The Edubook Foundations of Finance & Control provides a unique introduction to understanding financial statements and learning basic accounting rules in order to tackle more advanced ...
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Management accounting
Sonni Jensen, Anka Goos & Edumundo
In the Edubook Management Accounting students learn how to take decisions, based on their own calculations and interpretations. Topics that are discussed include cost allocations, pricing, ...
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Peter O. Van der Meer & Edumundo
The Edubook Marketing offers an introduction to marketing for higher professional education. All current theories and perspectives in Marketing are explored, with the emphasis on the ...
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