North Sea Student Competition, 2021 - Be bold and take risks!

North Sea Student Competition, 2021 - Be bold and take risks!
Published on 15 February 2021

258 students, 40 teams, 3 universities, 2 days, 1 winner!

On Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th February, students from Liverpool Hope University, UK; Universitat de Girona, Catalonia, Spain; and Han University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands competed in our annual North Sea Student Competition (due to the pandemic, we held this year's competition remotely - thanks, Zoom!)

What is the North Sea Student Competition?

It is an annual competition where students from universities in the UK, Netherlands, and this year, Spain take part in one of our management simulations with the aim of becoming competition champions! (But don't play that Queen song just yet!) 

How does it work?

Using Edmundo’s own Phone Ventures management simulation, teams of 7-8 students from all three universities work together to design and manage their own smart phone brand, make informed business decisions to gain investment and ultimately make profit.

They do this whilst competing with fellow student teams to earn points. At the end of each simulation round (equivalent to one year of trading) these points are tallied up. After the 6th round the team with the most points wins the competition!

They'll go down in Edumundo history and live long in the memory - well, at least until the next one.

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Anyhow, back to the event and it all kicked off on...

Day One – Wednesday 10th February 2021

Ian McKenna, Interim Head of Business School at Liverpool Hope University opened the day.

“We’re really pleased we can offer our students an international and inter-cultural experience. For the next two days you’ve got a real opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and stretch yourself.”

He emphasised the importance of enterprising, being bold, and taking risks referencing basketball great, Michael Jordan: “You make 0% of the shots you don’t take.” This set the tone for two days of high-energy simulation rounds and separate assignments! Coffees at the ready, students! 

Phone Ventures Maps
Phone Ventures Simulation

Students then joined their breakout rooms to meet their fellow team players before starting round one of the Phone Ventures simulation.

UK-NL Relations

The afternoon session opened with the day's Key Note speaker, Michiel van Deursen, Director of The Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) who presented on the commercial relationship between the UK and Netherlands, including the impact of Brexit on Anglo-Dutch trade relations and requirements. 

This was a great opportunity for students to understand the wider commercial context and interests between neighbouring countries. 

At the End of Day One…Who was in the Lead?

After two rounds of play on the first day, the top three groups were:

Rank Team Score
1st ISUNG 3,335,191
2nd OPHONE 3,953,518
3rd PINEAPPLE 2,932,587


With all to play for on Day 2…

Day TWO –Thursday 11th February 2021

Edumundo's UK Director, Milo Hendricks opened the day with a reminder of the league tables so far, viewing a selection of some the brand logos created by the teams - GREI PHONE in particular stood out!

From the investor’s assignment “almost £6 billion of capital" was raised providing a boost for teams looking to creep up that almighty table.

The teams were then introduced to the day’s assignment: create a job vacancy for a new member of the Board of Directors of their Smart Phone company. Better get hiring, guys!  

This preceded rounds 3 and 4 of the Phone Ventures simulation. 

The afternoon session was opened by key-note speaker Paul Cherpeau, CEO of Liverpool and Sefton Chamber of Commerce. He introduced the purpose of the Chamber of Commerce which represents hundreds of businesses in the city of Liverpool. He also explained the current impact of Brexit and Covid-19 on Liverpool's local economy, as well as opportunities for future growth.

He emphasised how students, as future business managers, can assess business environments in terms of political, economic, and legal contexts, as well as strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities (the famous SWOT analysis) to a company’s success.

He was joined by his colleague and recent graduate from Liverpool Hope University, Conor Williams who gave students this advice: 

“Take every opportunity that you can...the greatest opportunities sometimes present themselves as the hardest challenges.” 


Very wise words from Mr. Williams! Speaking of challenges, this led nicely on to the final simulation rounds, 5 and 6. 

Then it was time for...

The Winner’s Ceremony

Nervous? Yes, we all were, too. The results were in…did ISUNG maintain the top spot? Or were they overtaken?

The silence was deafening - okay, the students were all muted on Zoom, but still, it was deafening. 

Without further ado, here is the final table:

Ranking Team Score
1st UPHONE 10,450,251
2nd PINEAPPLE 10,036,693
3rd HIPHONE 8,574,453
4th P-MOBILE 8,492,773
5th OPHONE 8,423,923
6th S-MOBILE 8,340,987
7th ISUNG 7,982,130
8th SMARTPHONE 7,243,318
9th TOMATO 6,991,710
10th LT PHONE COMPANY 6,266,357



Welcome to Edumundo's Hall of Fame!

They scored a record number of 10,450,251 points overall! We can’t wait to buy a new phone from you soon.

ISUNG and OPHONE dropped to 7th and 5th after a strong first day leaving PINEAPPLE and HIPHONE to take 2nd and 3rd place.

A brilliant showing all around from the 40 groups as Ian McKenna put it nicely:

“Everyone’s a winner! I’m really delighted with how the two days have’ve certainly been enterprising, being bold in taking risks..."

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the student participants, the staff at Liverpool Hope University, Han University of Applied Sciences, and Universitat de Girona (Gràcies amics!).

This was a fantastic event and one we hope to continue to run in the years ahead. Ian also had these kind words to share:

Thank you to Milo, Gijs, Jeroen and colleagues from Edumundo, we’ve worked together for 4 maybe 5 years now and we hope to continue that relationship.” 

We certainly do, too, Ian! 

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