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Management Simulations for management subjects

Experience the motivational competition during an introduction week, training, (inter) national competition, final project assignment or as part of a course.

Reference Management simulation

Dr. Amit Mitra, BSc (Hons) MSc PhD FBCS FHEA, of the University of the West of England,  believes that by looking back at his own experience, he said: ‘Honestly, I remember from personal experience, back when I was a student that variety was very important. The most enjoyable classes I had were when the tutor was interested in the subject, but also used a variety of techniques and was supportive when you got stuck on certain topics or assignments’. Mitra also notes: ‘By using simulations in the mix, students are provided with first-hand exposure to challenges of decision making in the real world’

Edubooks for the subject management

Edumundo offers various Edubooks that are very suitable for management education. The titles fit well with practice and contain a mix of traditional and modern learning methods.

The Edubook has many advantages. All learning materials for a course can be approached in one learning platform, this platform can be approached independently of time and place and it offers lecturers the opportunity to follow the learning trajectory of students. 

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